American Farm School

This initiative aims to develop a sustainable short food supply chain for meat and meat products of two indigenous cattle breeds, namely, the Greek Red and the Greek Shorthorn.


The overall objective of AGFORISE Project is to create a cluster-cluster co-operation platform in the agrofood sector by a group of 13 stakeholders from the three leading agrofood regions in Europe: Mersin (Turkey), Emilia Romagna (Italy) and Murcia (Spain) which will maximise capacity for research and benefit from research infrastructure through complementariness and synergy, so as to contribute for sustainable development, prosperity, economic growth and global competitiveness of the regions

Via Amerina and Forre Bio..

The biodistrict is a geographical area, naturally suited to organic farming, where farmers, citizens, tour operators, associations and public administrations make an agreement for the sustainable management of resources, starting from the agricultural production model In the Bio-District area of ​​Via Amerina and the Forre there are, to date, several hundred agricultural producers engaged in the fruit and vegetable, wine, livestock and processing chains of other excellent products.


TRUEFOOD aimed to improve quality and safety and introduce innovation into Traditional European Food production systems through research, demonstration, dissemination and training activities. It focuses on increasing value to both consumers and producers and on supporting the development of realistic business plans for all components of the food chain, using a fork to farm approach.

Tomatomate Andalusia

A local association that gathers local producers, managing, planing and making events for local producers to meet, have a stand and sell their product. The association has a calendar and several places to make periodical events for consumers to go

Tiešā Pirkšana – Direct shop

Direct purchase groups are based on consumer-producer cooperation model. Volumes are just enough for small farmers to be involved in such SFSCs as it is financially viable to deliver these amounts. Greece is a new startup based in Thessaloniki, Greece that sells high-quality and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to local customers on a subscription basis. Customers are able to purchase subscription packages in the website to order and have delivered to them in a wooden case fruits and vegetables on a regular basis for a fixed price.

SVAIGI Online Shop

E-shop is a cooperative shop of various small farmers and food producers from all over the Latvia. On top of food it also offers organic cleaning supplies, cosmetics, packaging and products for pets. It is possible to order regular delivery of various baskets (subscription-based model) with seasonal agricultural produce. Online shops have customer service channels (e-mail, telephone, chat apps, social media etc.).

Streeck Genoten

Streeckgenoten is a quality label that identifies local and specialty food products from local producers.

Self-Picking of Berries

In Finland, there are lots of berry farmers (especially strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant) that allow self-picking of the berries in their farm. It is also possible for consumers to buy the ready-picked berries directly from the farmer. This is very valuable model for berry farmers to sell their products.
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