Four reasons why agroBRIDES may captivate you!

The agroBRIDGES team is working to connect producers and consumers in new business models for Short Food Supply Chains, but…What does this mean? Is there something useful for me?

Agri-food multi-actor framework

Europe needs its farmers, and they have made invaluable efforts to ensure food security in Europe. However, European producers still face many challenges in ensuring the economic viability of their farms, especially in short food chains. For this reason, one of our main objectives is to empower farmers with practical, knowledge and support to set up SFSCs better linking producers with consumers and procurers. 
But what this means?
  • agroBRIDGES Consortium will analyse with his specialised organisations the current scenario and create solutions following a multi-actor approach.
  • We are going to create tools for connecting and building capacity for farmers and consumers.
  • We are going to test, validate, and disseminate the agroBRIDGES Toolbox with stakeholders in Beacon Regions.


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Deliver decision support tools

To fulfil our first reasons, we will need to use some tools to facilitate the selection of the most sustainable business model to be adopted for animating SFSCs.

This implies that agroBRIDGES consortium is going to develop tools for selecting suitable and sustainable business models for SFSCs.

How? Offering a combination of communication materials, training programmes, event guides, and digital tools packed in the agroBRIDGES Toolbox.

Establish regional and international multi-actor structures

The agroBRIDGES project is a reflection of Europe ; it is made up of a great variety of members from several countries and with different cultural backgrounds to address the differences that we find within the European Union, but always acting as a whole.

To take advantage of this opportunity such a diverse environment, we are going to stablish regional and international multi-actor structures for stakeholder-driven development, testing, validation and roll out.


Is that not great?!

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Yes, everybody likes outcomes, and, for sure, agroBRIDGES is not complete without its results. So here we have them:

  • Direct Sales: thanks to the implementation of this project, we are going to acquire an Increase of. 5-8% EU farms total or partially involved in direct sales to consumers.
  • Cooperation: around 400 stakeholders from the agri-food sector will be involved in the project during its implementation.
  • Training: 116-152 persons are going to be trained on topics directly related to food procurement.
  • Farmers Income: with this project implementation, we aspire to increase 35% of farmers income by minimising margins taken by intermediaries.

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