AgroBRIDGES Good Practice Recording Template
Author(s) Patrizia Borsotto
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Choose a primary theme that the Good Practice adheres to Education and awareness raising practices
If relevant choose a secondary theme that the Good Practice adheres to Mutual benefits between primary producers and consumers
If relevant choose a tertiary theme that the Good Practice adheres to
EIP Practice Abstract Format:
Short summary for practitioners in English on the (final or expected) outcomes (1000-1500 characters, word count – no spaces).This summary should be as interesting as possible for farmers/end-users, using a direct and easy understandable language and pointing out entrepreneurial elements which are particularly relevant for practitioners. Research oriented aspects which do not help the understanding of the practice itself should be avoided.
Short description of the ‘Good Practice’: M** BUM (in Piedmontese dialect “Only Good”) is a short supply chain agri-burger shop born in 2009. The raw material comes from the Scaglia Farm located in Rivoli (To), which has been breeding Piemontese cattle since 1931 and in 1993 opened the corner shop. M**BUM uses only meat from animals raised on the farm with local corn, barley, wheat, and forage: Piedmontese cattle (450 head); pigs (180 head); chickens (4,000) and rabbits (600). The quality of the meat is recognized and certified as the farm is a member of the Consortium for the Protection of the Piedmontese Breed (Coalvi) and has recently obtained the recognition of the IGP ” Vitellone Piemontese della Coscia”. The farm is highly eco-sustainable and has invested in photovoltaics, so as to be energy independent for 8 months of the year.
Main results/outcomes of the activity (expected or final):
In the three M**Bun located in the metropolitan city of Turin, over 92% of purchases are made directly and without intermediaries from Piedmontese suppliers to ensure quality and freshness of the product (sourdough bread, non-frozen potatoes, craft beer). Particular attention is paid to tradition, for example the desserts are offered in “burnia” (jar) that can be taken home to reuse, and to sustainability: use of disposable tableware made of biodegradable and fully compostable materials and a doggy bag is available for food not consumed. There is a dedicated menu for children, spaces for playing and informative material with educational aim. M** BUM carries out activities of promotion and social development in the area, both by participating in charitable initiatives and by supporting associations that work on projects for charity. It is active a Radio M**Bun, listenable also via web, that promotes the most interesting artists from Piedmont and professionals of the moment, through live programs with guests and thanks to the interaction with the listeners. The M**talent initiative is a music contest that has been bringing new musical talent to the stage for about four years. Quality, attention to sustainability and local products are the strong points that bring the producer closer to the consumer. The consumer can find all the information about the product on the blackboards displayed inside the stores and is also offered the opportunity to visit the farm to ensure producer-consumer contact.
Further information/Reference:
Short summary for practitioners in native language on the (final or expected) outcomes (1000-1500 characters, word count – no spaces).
This summary should be as interesting as possible for farmers/end-users, using a direct and easy understandable language and pointing out entrepreneurial elements which are particularly relevant for practitioners. Research oriented aspects which do not help the understanding of the practice itself should be avoided.
Breve descrizione: M** BUM (in dialetto piemontese “Solo Buona”) è una agri-hamburgeria a filiera corta nata nel 2009. La materia prima proviene dall’Azienda Agricola Scaglia sita a Rivoli (To), che dal 1931 alleva bovini di razza Piemontese e nel 1993 ha aperto il punto vendita aziendale. Nell’agri-hamburgheria è utilizzata solo carne degli animali allevati in azienda con mais, orzo, grano e foraggio locali: bovini di Razza Piemontese (450 capi); suini (180 capi); polli (4.000) e conigli (600). La qualità della carne è riconosciuta e certificata in quanto l’azienda agricola è socia del Consorzio di Tutela della Razza Piemontese (Coalvi) e recentemente è stato ottenuto il riconoscimento dell’IGP “Vitellone Piemontese della Coscia”. L’azienda agricola è altamente ecosostenibile ed ha investito nel fotovoltaico, così da essere autonomi dal punto di vista energetico per 8 mesi all’anno.
Principali risultati: Nei tre M**Bun siti nella città metropolitana di Torino oltre il 92% degli acquisti viene effettuato direttamente e senza intermediari da fornitori piemontesi per garantire qualità e freschezza del prodotto (pane a lievitazione naturale, patate non surgelate, birra artigianale).E’ posta attenzione alla tradizione per esempio i dolci sono proposti in “burnia” (vasetto in piemontese) che possono essere portate a casa per riutilizzarle e alla sostenibilità: utilizzo di stoviglie monouso in materiali biodegradabili e completamente compostabili ed è disponibile il doggy bag per il cibo non consumato. Particolare attenzione è data ai bambini per cui è previsto un menù dedicato, degli spazi per il gioco e materiale divulgativo. M** BUM svolge sul territorio attività di promozione e sviluppo sociale, sia partecipando ad iniziative benefiche, sia sostenendo associazioni che lavorano a progetti a scopo benefico. E’ attiva un a Radio M**Bun, ascoltabile anche via web, che promuove gli artisti e i professionisti piemontesi più interessanti del momento, attraverso programmi in diretta con ospiti e grazie all’interazione con gli ascoltatori. L’iniziativa M**talent è un contest musicale che da circa quattro anni porta sul palco nuovi talenti musicali. La qualità, l’attenzione al sostenibile, i prodotti locali sono il punto di forza che avvicinano il produttore al consumatore. Il consumatore trova tutte le informazioni sul prodotto sulle lavagne esposte all’interno dei negozi inoltre è offerta l’opportunità di andare a visitare l’azienda agricola per assicurare il contatto produttore-consumatore.
Pearls, Puzzles, Proposals? Pearls: It is a slow-fast food in which quality is the main item and it is showed on people, clients, workers and food.
Puzzles: What happens if Azienda Scaglia decides to withdraw? Is the model likely to appeal to and be adapted by other retailers? Is there a risk that the model will be copied by the multinationals in the sector?
Proposals: It could be interesting to do a target communication on the model quality fast food and attention to the environment that it is clear when you enter in the shop.
What needs did the ‘good practice’ respond to? The demand for fast food, the presence of quality products in the area and the need to bring the rural closer to the urban were the topics
Methodology Used: Desk Based; web
Sector Processed Meat
Actors/Stakeholders involved. Who are key actors in the supply chain AND who are key enablers of the process? Azienda Agricola Scaglia; Coalvi
Is the good practice supported by an IT application? If yes please describe and collect the TRL Yes; website: https://www.mbun.it/
Key words Local, farmer, consumers
Additonal infromation for reporting purposes https://youtu.be/Dz5J0BPmYK0
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101000788



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