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SFSC Name: Podkarpacki E-bazarek
Author(s) Tomasz Bober, Anna Bialik, Katarzyna Rull Quesada
Insert photo or any visual image or diagram e.g. /Word or Image Collage
Choose a primary theme that the Good Practice adheres to (three themes can be considered: Mutual benefits between primary producers and consumers
If relevant choose a secondary theme that the Good Practice adheres to Education and awareness raising practices
If relevant choose a tertiary theme that the Good Practice adheres to
EIP Practice Abstract Format:
Short summary for practitioners in English on the (final or expected) outcomes (1000-1500 characters, word count – no spaces).This summary should be as interesting as possible for farmers/end-users, using a direct and easy understandable language and pointing out entrepreneurial elements which are particularly relevant for practitioners. Research oriented aspects which do not help the understanding of the practice itself should be avoided.
Short description of the ‘Good Practice’: The Podkarpackie Agricultural Advisory Centre (PODR) in Boguchwala is a state-owned unit aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to farmers in order to increase farm income and non-agricultural activities, and to improve the living conditions of rural families. In 2020, PODR created a website where food producers, rural housewives’ clubs, animal breeders and local craftsmen could post their offers for free, and the inhabitants of Podkarpackie region could buy directly from local producers. The Covid-19 pandemic was an additional impulse to create the E-bazaar.
E-bazaar is oriented to facilitate contact and to enable sales of high-quality products or services without the participation of an intermediary, at any time and place. The website is clear and easy to use. It is divided into product categories, e.g. potatoes, fruit or honey. After selecting the product, the price and contact to the manufacturer is displayed with different delivery options: shipment, transport or personal pick up of the goods. The platform has been created by PODR in partnership with Voivode of Podkarpackie Region, Podkarpackie Regional Government, Podkarpackie Chamber of Agriculture, Podkarpackie Chamber of Organic Agriculture Associations Network and local media. After successful 2020 year, continuous development of the platform is underway: the idea has been implemented in other provinces, and a mobile application for Android devices has been operating since January 2021. E-bazaar as an aditional feature related to the promotion of innovative farmers. If the entrepreneur / farmer has implemented an innovative product or service, or applied modern solutions in terms of organization, technology or marketing, there is also an option of presenting these solutions on the platform. So far 151 such innovations have been registered.
Advisoty Centre is conducting several trainings for farmers, including how to increase income. Direct sales is on of the method. And farmers get not only theoretical information but also practical when they see how the platform works.
Main results/outcomes of the activity (expected or final): Thanks to the E-bazarek consumers can buy products directly from farmers at at concrete price – without any extra costs. More than 3000 products can be found on the platform. It is also a tool to promote innovative farmers and food producers.
Further information/Reference:
Short summary for practitioners in native language on the (final or expected) outcomes (1000-1500 characters, word count – no spaces).
This summary should be as interesting as possible for farmers/end-users, using a direct and easy understandable language and pointing out entrepreneurial elements which are particularly relevant for practitioners. Research oriented aspects which do not help the understanding of the practice itself should be avoided.
Podkarpacki Ośrodek Doradztwa Rolniczego (PODR) w Boguchwale jest państwową jednostką, której celem jest udzielanie wszechstronnej pomocy rolnikom w celu zwiększenia dochodów z gospodarstwa rolnego i działalności pozarolniczych oraz działania mające na celu poprawę warunków życia rodzin wiejskich. W 2020 roku PODR stworzył stronę internetową, na której producenci żywności, koła gospodyń wiejskich, hodowcy zwierząt i lokalni rzemieślnicy mogą bezpłatnie umieszczać swoje oferty, a mieszkańcy Podkarpacia kupować wprost od lokalnych producentów. Dodatkowym impulsem do stworzenia E-bazarku była pandemia Covid-19.
E-bazarek ma ułatwić kontakt, umożliwić sprzedaż wysokiej jakości produktów lub usług bez udziału pośrednika, w dowolnym czasie i miejscu. Strona jest przejrzysta, łatwa w obsłudze. Ma podział na kategorie produktów np. ziemniaki, owoce, czy miód. Po wybraniu produktu wyskakuje cena oraz kontakt do producenta, samemu można wybrać, czy decydujemy się na wysyłkę, transport, czy może osobisty odbiór towaru.
Partnerami PODR w stworzeniu E-bazarku są m.in. Wojewoda Podkarpacki, Marszałek Województwa Podkarpackiego, Podkarpacka Izba Rolnicza, Związek Stowarzyszeń Podkarpacka Izba Rolnictwa Ekologicznego oraz lokalne media.
Rok 2020 został zakończony z sukcesem i prowadzone są ciągłe prace nad rozwojem: pomysł został wdrożony w innych województwach, a od stycznie 2021 funkcjonuje aplikacja mobilna na urządzenia z systemem Android.
Dodatkowa opcją jest promocja innowacyjnych rolników. Jeśli przedsiębiorca/rolnik wdrożył innowacyjny produkt lub usługę, albo zastosował nowoczesne rozwiązania pod kątem organizacyjnym, technologicznym lub marketingowym ma możliwość prezentacji tych rozwiązań na pomocą platformy. Zarejestrowano 151 takich innowacji.
Pearls, Puzzles, Proposals? Pearls: Perfect timing with covid-19. Suport from public administration. Cross-sectoral collaboration. Digitalization of agri-food sector. Puzzles: Any certification, labeling for producers? Who is responsible for verifying/ maintaining the quality? Proposals: The platform could be further expanded to other regions (ongoing).
What needs did the ‘good practice’ respond to? Possibility to buy directly from producers, at a fair price. Essential help in covid-19 situation and disruptions in traditional supply chains.
Methodology Used: Desk research, interviews (2).
Sector All Sectors
Actors/Stakeholders involved. Who are key actors in the supply chain AND who are key enablers of the process? Farmers, food producers and processors, local consumers, Regional Agricultural Advisory Centre, local authorities and regional governement
Is the good practice supported by an IT application? If yes please describe and collect the TRL The good practice is supported by an online platform as a main feature and from January 2021 also has a mobile application (for Android)
Media attachment (e.g. video link) or other attachment describing/depicting the Good Pratice

How to register: http://youtu.be/Rj5dB4PeFLU
How to add product: http://youtu.be/9GUWPBNCRdM

instruction for mobile version: http://youtu.be/7poXZjOaFSM

Key words Online, app, mobile, e-commerce, farmers, consumers, local
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