Regional and pan-European Co-Creation Workshops

In the framework of the agroBRIDGES project, a series of 12 regional co-creation workshops were organised in August and September 2021, in 12 European countries and regions (the project’s Beacon Regions). The regional co-creation workshops involved the members of the project’s Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) established in each Beacon Region, which are groups of local stakeholders in the agri-food sector (producers, consumers, academics, procurers, policymakers etc.). The outcomes of previous project activities and studies were discussed among participants, followed by co-creation activities and brainstorming.  Best practices and success cases of Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) were discussed and evaluated by attendees. Participants jointly designed a preliminary set of solutions to mitigate barriers for SFSCs in their regions, as well as new ways to improve producers’ market position through new business and marketing models.

The outcomes of the regional co-creation workshops were compiled and analysed to serve as the basis of a pan-European co-creation workshop to promote cross-regional knowledge exchange and the continuation of the co-creation at pan-European level. The pan-European workshop was organised by the project partner WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY, with the support of the project coordinator Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL ADVISORS, on October 14th, 2021, involving the members of the Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG). The SRG comprises representatives of the 12 Beacon Regions and experts with background in the EU innovation and research landscape. In this workshop, the barriers and solutions related to the development of SFSCs across Europe were discussed together with business models, marketing strategies and Unique Selling Points to improve farmers’ incomes though SFSCs and to better connect with consumers, while using environmentally friendly practices and supporting local communities.

The insights collected from the regional and the pan-European workshops will be utilised as a starting point and reference for the forthcoming project activities, including the development of a sustainability assessment model for SFSCs, as well as the agroBRIDGES Digital Toolbox, aiming to provide meaningful practical knowledge support for producers, consumers and other enabling actors engaged in SFSCs.

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