Summary of agroBRIDGES activities for January


We would like to start February by informing you of all the great events and activities that we have carried out as a project this month of January, we have been very active with several outstanding events and activities.

First of all, we would like to start by talking about our immediate future, today the first event of the month about the Irish Agropreneur series, “The Irish Agropreneur Series”, is being held. This event focuses on the empowerment of SFSC female producers in Ireland and Europe. A panel of experts and organizations will discuss the challenges and opportunities for SFSC women producers.


At SIRHA, VEGEPOLYS VALLEY delivered the “Local Heroes” awards within the framework of the AgroBridges project. The objective of this award is to promote sustainable and innovative food systems in short circuits.


Sabri Ulker Food Research Foundation also recently held the “Let’s Meet” event in collaboration with Nişantaşı University in Istanbul. In this event, the importance of the consumption of local products and its impact on the SFSC was discussed. The participation of 60 gastronomy students led to a great reach on social networks, reaching more than 2000 people.


Last Saturday, January 28, AgroBridges Project 2021-2023 participated through CTA in the San Jerónimo Agroecological Market to promote the project and its work. Visitors were able to learn about and taste the products of two local producers, Caña Nature and ConservasContigo.

Last but not least, the AgroBridges project had our 24-month meeting in Rome, where the results and future plans of the project were discussed.

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