The Horizon AgroBRIDGES Project meets the other Horizons

On March 9th, as part of the collaboration framework we established within the Joint Clustering Plan, @Q-PLAN will organize the first joint webinar with the consortia of other Horizon 2020s, in particular @COCOREADO and @COACH_EUProject.

@CREA_Ricerca together with the University of Wageningen @WUR, as part of the activities envisaged by the @HorizonEU @AgroBRIDGES project, will be the speakers of this webinar and will present the work done in WP2.

The results of the social, economic and environmental impact assessment of short supply chains conducted within the agroBRIDGES project will be presented during this joint meeting. CREA will illustrate the path that led to the definition of the set of attributes and related indicators for the assessment of sustainability. The path started with a bibliographic survey and involved the involvement of a broad partnership, through two online Focus Groups and 2 rounds of DELPHI.

The results, shared with the other Consortia, will be used for a tool for assessing the sustainability of the business models of short supply chains, dedicated to producers. Further details on the agroBRIDGES project, which involves the 2 CREA research centers “Policies and Bioeconomy” and “Food and Nutrition”, are available on the project website The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under the Grant Agreement N ° 101000788.

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