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Work Packages

WP1 Multi-actor approach framework development & information collection

WP1 is devoted to the creation of the multi-actor approach framework and to collect information that will be analysed and exchanged with Beacon Regions actors
WP Leader: Q-PLAN

WP2 Sustainability assessment methodology and multicriteria decision framework development

Based on the analyses and data collection done in the WP1, WP2 will build the sustainability assessment framework for collaborative SFSC business and the multicriteria decision dashboard.
WP Leader: WU

WP3 agroBRIDGES Toolbox development

WP3 consist on developing the agroBRIDGES Toolbox. It is a collaborative process that involve all the actors involved to create the tools composing agroBRIDGES Toolbox.
WP Leader: VTT

WP4 agroBRIDGES Toolbox validation

Once the agroBRIDGES Toolbox has been created, it is time to validate it with real actors and situations from Beacon Regions, evaluating their feedback and producing the final configuration of the Toolbox.

WP Leader: ITT

WP5 European roll-out, replication and training

WP5 will roll-out the agroBRIDGES Toolbox at regional and EU level.  The tool will be replicated for all sectors. In this WP is also expected to coordinate with other initiatives to boost SFSCs consolidation in Europe as tool for rebalancing producers market position.

WP Leader: CTA

WP6 Clustering

Using a horizontal approach, WP6 will enhance project impact by clustering with other projects and actors.  

WP Leader: CREA

WP7 Dissemination, communication and exploitation

This is a cross-sectional WP focus on the dissemination, exploitation and communication of the project results. It aims to maximize the impact of the agroBRIDGES Toolbox and working methology through effective know-how transfer to a wide range of relevant audiences.

WP Leader: ECF

WP8 Project management

Finally, WP8 will deal with coordination and management issues. Its goal is to monitor the performance of project’s WP including administrational, financial and scientific project management.

WP Leader: Q-PLAN

WP9 Ethics requirements

WP9 will make sure that the project and its activities will comply with the respective ethics requirements.

WP Leader: Q-PLAN

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